Delivers oxygen directly to tissues, even if the blood supply has been compromised

Speeds Healing and Recovery

Decreased pain due to reduction of inflammation

Promotes regeneration of injured tissues

Decreases swelling and inflammation throughout your body

Helps the body to clear toxins

Stimulates new capillary growth

Increases collagen production for healthy, youthful skin

Supports scar tissue rehabilitation

Supports growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis)

Stimulates production and mobilization of the body’s stem cells

Increases the body’s ability to fight infection

Boosts immune system function

Stimulates brain and nerve cell recovery

Increases Stem Cell Growth

Can improve bone regeneration for faster recovery

Potentiates the use of antibiotics

Destroys harmful bacteria (Antimicrobial effect for anerobic bacteria)

Improves the Blood Flow

Reduces fatigue from chronic hypoxia